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Public education is about all of us.
Pennsylvania's public schools are our schools. They serve our communities. And they shape our future.

Pennsylvania’s public schools are where 1.7 million children learn every day. But the public schools can’t do the job alone. It takes parents, community leaders, elected officials, and educators working together.

We Are All Partners for Public Education
And that is what Partners for Public Education is all about. Our mission is to bring partners together, provide them with information about public education policy, and create connections with public schools in communities across Pennsylvania.

Public Schools: A History of Excellence, A Challenging Future
Pennsylvania’s public schools have a long history of excellence. By almost any measure, they are among the best in the nation. But we can always do better. After all, that is what we encourage the students in our lives to do every day.

While we can be proud of our students’ successes, our schools and students face many challenges. Expectations are increasing. Federally mandated academic goals are ramping up sharply. The state cut public school funding by nearly $1 billion in 2011. And many school districts cut teacher positions and educational programs in the years since.

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What Is Partners for Public Education?
Partners for Public Education is an associate membership category in PSEA, which provides an opportunity for all Pennsylvanians to partner and communicate in support of Pennsylvania’s public schools and advocate for students in every community.

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