Community Partners: Public education is about all of us

Outreach to Teach Service Project 2015Public education is about all of us. Pennsylvania's public schools are our schools. They serve our communities. And they shape our future. Pennsylvania’s public schools are where 1.7 million of our children learn every day. But the public schools can’t do the job alone. It takes parents, community leaders, elected officials, and educators — working together. We are all Partners for Public Education.

Check out these Partners for Public Education web posts about the important people in our communities who help our students and our schools succeed.


Story Archive

Community spotlight: Making birthday celebrations possible for homeless children

October 2017

Last year, Beverly's Birthdays threw 120 parties for more than 2,000 children and their friends and family.


Community Spotlight: Summer learning with Teachers in the Park

September 2017

Seven years ago, Exeter Township teacher Matthew Hathaway got a few teachers and kids together at a local park over the summer to combat the dreaded "summer slide."


These teachers are true 'Partners' in Public Education

August 2017

When educator Desiree Seese arrived at Gettysburg College in July for a weeklong training to learn more about Partners for Public Education, she immediately recognized "Miss T."


Community Spotlight: Something as small as a pair of socks

July 2017

When Montgomery County teacher Renea Boles decided she wanted to give back to her community beyond the four walls of her classroom, she thought it had to be something big. What she learned is that small things can make a big difference.


Teachers in training make a difference for Cornell School District students

April 2017

College students who are studying to be educators gathered at Cornell Elementary and High School outside Pittsburgh on March 31 to take part in the annual Outreach to Teach community service project sponsored by Student PSEA.


Community spotlight: Assistant football coach nurtures the whole child

February 2017

Sam Bryant, the elected constable of Reading's 14th Ward and Reading High School's assistant football coach, routinely challenges the students he coaches to improve their social skills. He's also given back to his community by organizing several food drives for local churches and food banks.


North Star cafeteria workers fed kids over the summer

September 2016

Cafeteria workers in the North Star School District are so dedicated to meeting the needs of the children in their community that they kept it up all summer long.


Take a stand against toxic hate speech

August 2016

MomsRising, a nonprofit advocacy organization, has joined other nonprofits to form the #NotOnOurWatch coalition to "stand up against toxic hate that harms our children and our democracy."


Partners Spotlight: 43 years driving the bus

August 2016

Joan Obeldobel became a bus driver on a dare. After 43 years at the wheel, she recently retired and shared some of her memories about driving students in the Montour School District.


Community spotlight: Erie students start the day with a healthy meal

March 2016

Breakfast in the Classroom has been a huge success in the Erie City School District, which is on track to serve 1 million breakfasts by the end of this school year.


Community Spotlight: Val Laufenberg brings business to life for PA students

February 2016

When students take part in Pennsylvania Business Week, a project of the educational nonprofit led by Val Laufenberg, students have to think through a litany of decisions that every business must make. "I love what I do because it is so exciting to see the transformation of students from Monday to Friday," Laufenberg said.


Strengthening the link between technology and student achievement

December 2015 

Technology in the classroom is nothing new for science teacher Steve Rhoades, a 22-year veteran of the Wilson School District in Berks County. Long an acolyte of digital learning, Rhoades has found that students are often more engaged when classrooms go online.  


Partner Spotlight: Opening more than just car doors in Upper Darby

November 2015 

Many Garrettford Elementary families in the Upper Darby School District know Ernie Davis as the smiling gentleman who greets them each morning in the drop-off line. However, "Mr. Ernie," as students know him, opens more than just car doors for students.


Partner Spotlight: Giving parents a voice in public education

October 2015 

Tara Purcell first got involved with the PTA when her son was 5 years old. He is 24 today. She stuck with it for nearly 20 years because she felt it was so important for parents and communities to have active partnerships with their public schools, which open their doors every day to "every single child."


Partner spotlight: Fostering friendship with the ‘Buddy Bench’

August 2015 

The "Buddy Bench" is a special bench where lonely students go to sit on a playground. Christian Bucks knew that some of his friends sometimes felt lonely at recess and thought the "buddy bench" would help to end that.


Partner spotlight: How Lancaster County plans to close the meal gap

July 2015 

A remarkable coalition is hard at work to ensure sustainable access to three healthy meals a day for every single person in Lancaster County by 2018.  


Partner Spotlight: Arden Kass, parent, playwright, education advocate

May 2015 

Philadelphia playwright and parent Arden Kass teamed up with two other area playwrights to write and stage a play that communicates the impact of school funding cuts and other issues through the power of stories.


Quick hits: Celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday, encourage reading, Partners resources

February 2015 

Every March, thousands of schools, libraries, and community centers across the country bring together children and adults to celebrate the joys of reading just in time for Dr. Seuss' birthday.


A community takes a stand for its neighborhood schools

February 2015

For the parents and students of the York City School District, the idea of handing over their neighborhood schools to a for-profit charter operator was a nonstarter from the get go. Over the past six months, they have joined educators and community leaders to speak out against a plan that would make York City the first all-charter district in Pennsylvania.


Putting an end to name-calling by embracing kindness

January 2015 

In the young adult novel The Misfits, four friends struggle to survive 7th grade in an environment of vicious taunts and name calling. The 2003 book has inspired an annual event in schools across the country, known as "No Name Calling Week," celebrated Jan. 19-23 this year.


Partner Spotlight: Preparing workers for 21st century science and tech jobs

December 2014 

The digital age has not only transformed education and the way our children learn – it is rapidly transforming the workforce needs of 21st century energy and manufacturing employers.


Partner Spotlight: Big Beaver Falls teacher wants to build stronger connections between school community and parents

November 2014 

As we celebrate American Education Week, it is a great opportunity to strengthen the lines of communication between educators and parents. As a young mother, Cindy Evans recognized just how important it is for parents to be informed about what is happening in their children's classroom.


Partner Spotlight: Building unity in Hazleton

October 2014 

When Tampa Bay Rays Manager Joe Maddon returned to his hometown of Hazleton several years ago, he saw a city divided by race and ethnicity. Maddon decided that he wanted to "do something to repair what had been damaged here."


Community Spotlight: A devoted ally in the fight for equality

July 2014 

Woodland Hills Social Studies teacher Adam Forgie is a faithful and devoted ally in the fight for equality in Western Pennsylvania – both inside and outside the classroom. 


Partner Spotlight: Jessie Ramey of Yinzercation

June 2014 

Dr. Jessie B. Ramey, a parent of two Pittsburgh Public School students and an advocate for public education, brought parents and families to Harrisburg to advocate for increases in state funding for public schools.


A community comes together to build a library

May 2014

1,000 volunteers put in more than 50,000 hours of work to build a community library in Millvale.


Pennsylvanians are proud to Thank a Million Teachers

April 2014 

Imagine a program to thank a million teachers that culminates in awarding $2,500 grants to help pay for school supplies or professional certifications. That’s the concept of an innovative program sponsored by Farmer’s Insurance.


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South Fayette community: We are Partners

March 2012

More than 150 parents, teachers, school board members, community leaders, and legislators gathered at the South Fayette High School Theatre on Feb. 29 to say "I’m a Partner."


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